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  • Opening Ceremony
  • Wei
    Wei Wang, PhD, CPTD
    ATD Global Senior Director
    ATD Research Sharing
  • Bob Gerard
    Bob Gerard
    Director of Learning, Accenture
    Keynote Session: Changing the Learning Conversation through Work Learn Fusion
    If a learning experience doesn’t result in increased performance, it’s a waste of time and money. So how can we best create solutions that support people as they transform learning experiences into business results? At Accenture, the answer is “work learn fusion.” In this session, join Bob Gerard, Accenture’s Director of Learning Innovation, to discover a new way of thinking about learning that actually builds the performance you need to see in your learners.
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  • Megan Torrance
    Megan Torrance
    CEO and Founder, TorranceLearning
    Keynote Session: Learning Technology in Action: Trends & Perspectives
    What’s new? What’s working? In this keynote, we’ll explore the evolving landscape of learning technologies, focusing on recent trends and how they're gaining traction in the learning industry. We’ll discuss new technologies that are shaping workplace learning and how you can take a role in their strategic adoption in your company. You’ll gain insights from real world examples of what’s working now. All of this exciting change brings with it new opportunities for curiosity and innovation – and we’ll discuss a framework for building that curiosity culture in your learning & development team.
  • Luncheon
  • Megan & Marcy
    Megan Torrance
    Marcy Hsiao (Moderator)
    Facilitated Group Discussion: Learning Technology Implementation Strategy
    Join us for an interactive and collaborative roundtable discussion exploring practical learning technology implementation strategy. You will have opportunities to select specific technology topics, including AI, VR/AR, data & analytics, and video, and join your peers to discuss the benefits of the technology, risk management, and adaptation strategy. Then you will receive feedback from a leading industry expert. This session will be collaborative, informative, and fun! You will walk away with the practical technology implementation strategies developed from this discussion. Expand your horizons and ignite your passion for technology in talent development from this session.
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  • Wynn Palace Tour & Photo
  • Networking Dinner
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  • megan-torrance-webversion
    Megan Torrance
    CEO & Founder, Torrance Learning
    Keynote Session: Building What’s Next: The Learning Technology Ecosystem
    Let’s do this! In this keynote, we’ll look into the practicalities of evolving your organization's learning technology landscape. This session is designed to take you from understanding the current trends to implementing a strategic roadmap for your learning technology ecosystem. We'll cover how to audit your existing tools, identify key areas for improvement, and set clear priorities aligned with your organizational goals. You'll then chart a course for the integration and adoption of new technologies, backed by real-world case studies that highlight effective strategies and common pitfalls.
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  • 419 Panel
    David Hendrick Jr. & Olga Gavrilova & Hiroshi Nishino
    Marcy Hsiao (Moderator)
    CLO Panel Discussion: Applying Learning Technology and Innovation in Talent Development
    David Hendrick Jr. - Executive Director, National Healthcare Group, Singapore
    Olga Gavrilova - Head of Learning & Development, EPAM Systems, Asia East & Pacific
    Hiroshi Nishino - President, IT Service Management Forum Japan
    Marcy Hsiao - ATD Facilitator
  • Luncheon
  • Bob Gerard
    Bob Gerard
    Director of Learning Ingenuity, Accenture
    Keynote Session: Ensuring Learning Impact: Bridging Technology and Creativity
    In today's dynamic corporate landscape, the success of a learning event is measured by its ability to drive tangible improvements in performance, making the investment count. Unfortunately, many learning experiences fall into the trap of monotony — overloaded slide decks and the lack of real-world application, failing to leave a lasting impact. Join Bob Gerard, Accenture’s Director of Learning Ingenuity, discover how Accenture designs engaging learning experiences that have a long-lasting, positive impact on learners.
  • 419 Panel 2
    Barry Ip & Zhengzhou Liu
    Wei Wang (Moderator)
    CLO Panel Discussion: The Story of the ATD BEST Awards Winners
    Barry Ip - Vice President of Learning and Advancement, Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace
    Zhengzhou Liu - General Manager of Learning & Development Center of GF Securities Co.
    Wei Wang - ATD Global Senior Director
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  • Victor Zhang
    Victor Zhang
    President of Huawei University
    Regular Session: Enterprise enablement exploration in the era of AI
  • Chan Lee & Jae Eun Kim.png
    Chan Lee & Jae Eun Kim
    Regular Session:Executive Coaching for Transformer: Lush to Porsche
    Discover the transformative power of coaching at LUSH and Porsche Korea in this enlightening session. Witness how LUSH Korea achieved soaring global sales during COVID, merging executive coaching with a dynamic performance culture. Simultaneously, Porsche's Leadership & Management Program catalyzed change over two years with Success Finder assessments and focused coaching. This session offers hands-on experience and opens opportunities for participants to understand how behavioral science assessments are crucial in driving digital transformation. It showcases the power of innovative coaching strategies on today’s workforce.
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